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Washington State Tax Nonsense -- Via Doug Ericksen

The state of Washington is, finally, generating respectable tax revenue. The reasons are many and include increases in jobs across the state, taxes from the legalization of recreational marijuana, recovering private sector business and increases in property values. Time, you might think (if you think my kind of thinking) for us to get back to doing what we’re supposed to be doing: repairing and upgrading the infrastructure (roads, bridges, our ports), fully funding education, expanding health and other social services.

Alas, not if you’re State Senator Doug Ericksen (R, Lynden) a member of ALEC and a slick talking, wholly owned subsidiary of the oligarchy. Ericksen looked at the growing revenue and immediately proposed tax breaks!

Currently the state is under a court-mandated order to fully fund its schools. In fact, the failure to do so has brought a fine of $100,000 a day until the funding is authorized. The transportation system has continued to slide as Olympia hasn’t been able to agree on how to budget the state’s needs. And Ericksen wants to give the money back.

What is the matter with these people?

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