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My solution to the clusterfuck in DC

Not too long ago I offered my fair and balanced critique of the conservative magazine, National Review. At the time I was trying to be as reasonable as I could be, looking for that will ‘o the wisp, a reasonable Republican. He/she was nowhere to be found. The main reason for my efforts was that I felt I owed a debt to my friend, my conservative friend, who gifted me the subscription. He meant it in good faith. I felt it was only fair and reasonable to read each issue in a spirit of good faith.

But in the past two weeks I have discovered a nasty side effect to this “gift.” I am flooded with right wing literature, offers to purchase books, sign up for other publications, endorse candidates for office, sign petitions to repeal Obamacare, CDs, DVDs, flyers, appeals for funds, slanders on the POTUS, assaults on Hillary and, yes, pleas for funds for the NRA and a bunch of think tanks that, in my view, do more tanking than thinking.

So, while tossing this stuff in the recycling bin, I had an idea. Every liberal, progressive soul in the land should sign on for one of those “limited subscriptions” to National Review or The Drudge Report or any of dozens of other right wing outlets. Once their name is on the roster of sympathizers every other right-wing outfit will start shipping them stuff.

Suppose it costs these folks two dollars to make and ship out each CD or DVD, something less (50¢, $1?) for a flyer or an appeal letter. If 150 million liberals (and I know you’re out there) do this the right wing will first go ape-shit crazy thinking that their message is finally getting through and, second, broke.

This is my solution to the current political clusterfuck.

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You can send me a subscription. Make sure the name is spelled right, uh, correctly. Venerable Don Gatasaro. Nobody will notice the name, but the average kindness of their mailing list will go up.

August 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterThan Don

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