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Some Good Stuff here in 2014

There are still an awful lot of things wrong with this country and it wouldn’t take any thinking soul long to lay out a depressing litany. But oddly, as we close down 2014, it’s possible to list more than a few good things. This list was compiled surprisingly easily. What’s striking about it is that all of it, every freaking good thing came about despite the efforts of the Republicans. It’s actually quite astonishing to see how much good the supposedly useless, hated, inefficient, wasteful, bloated government has accomplished when the supposedly “loyal opposition” has done everything it could do undermine it. So, in no particular order:

Economy grew 5% in the last quarter and nearly 4% for the year.

Dow is over 18,000.

Dollar strongest currency in the world again.

Obamacare is working: over 10 million newly insured, rise in health care costs cut in half.

TARP, the auto bailout and stimulus packages all successes. All loans repaid and profits turned.

Deficit cut by three-quarters to pre-recession levels.

Job growth significant and unemployment below 6%.

Wages increased for first time since the recession.

Ebola panic panic subsided. No new cases. Turns out CDC knew what they were doing.

Bush/Cheney/Loo torture program finally made public.

Benghazi nonsense put to rest.

Slow but real progress on climate change with international cooperation involving China.

Nuclear talks with the Iranians progressing.

Diplomatic relations with Cuba restored.

Putin slowly being isolated and marginalized.

Immigration reforms beginning through executive action.

Inflation at record lows.

Gasoline prices plummeting.

Scores of federal judges appointed.

So here’s a thought: Imagine where the country would be today if the Republicans had decided to work with the Democrats rather than be disruptive?

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