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Stopping Trump: What the GOP is Missing

Romney made a bombastic and amusing speech trying his very best to stop the Trump march to the nomination. When we check the polls in a couple of days we’ll likely find that Trump gained a couple of points. His retort putting Romney on his knees ready to give The Donald a blow job was greeted with whoops and double-shots of whiskey by his supporters.

The “Establishment” GOP is freaking out and making a horrible mistake. They think that if they just attack Trump from every possible angle by every possible respected Republican that it will cut into his support.

They’re wrong. They could not be wronger.

Every time an “establishment” Republican goes after him his numbers go up. Each attack reinforces the image that he’s the heroic outsider. Trump’s people HATE the Establishment so each assault only helps him.

How do you cut him down? Swiftboat him. Get a group of respected developers who had dealings with him, construction contractors, casino moguls, union leaders who have worked with him. Most of these people hate him — for very good reasons.

So, have them slam him for his unethical business practices, his failure to fulfill contracts, his reneging on deals, his use of illegal workers, his bankruptcies, his phony university, his cheating on his taxes.

Have all this come from the people with whom he’s worked — NOT politicians, NOT pundits, NOT university types.

He can’t attack back at these folks because they’re not establishment. They’re the people that Trump’s always said love him. Show everyone that they don’t. And they don’t.

And hearken back to how well this strategy worked against Kerry. It’s ugly but this election is the ugliest in memory. This prick has to be stopped and this is the only strategy that can work.

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