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Jade Helm 15 -- And All That

It’s early in the afternoon, Tuesday, September 15. In a few hours Jade Helm 15, the military training exercise that has been going on for some months now in the southwest, will come to an end.

The US soldiers who are part of JH-15 are, as we were told in no uncertain terms, are actually members of an elite, secret army dedicated to Imam Obama. They have allowed ISIS fighters to enter the country illegally to join this effort. The immediate goal is to take over Texas and, using it as their military base, the rest of the country. Secret tunnels have been built under the border to allow other, revolutionary mercenaries in and vacant Walmart warehouses have been taken over to be used as prison camps. All privately held guns will be confiscated — though that one looks like it may not happen. Lotta guns not much time left.

I’m trying to get this column out before my access to the Internet is cut off. If this is my last post you’ll all know that conspiracy theorists like the truly wackadoodle Alex Jones was right (it will be a first for him). If I’m back again … well, …., you know. Life’s like that.

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