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Fear, Fear and More Fear in GOP

I posted a version of this on Facebook. I’m putting it here for any web-wanderers who aren’t among my “Friends” there. It went up last night, just after the seven remaining dungeon masters finished trying to scare the shit out of Americans. If that’s too cryptic, it was the sixth debate among contenders for the right to be embarassed by Hillary or, deep breath now, Bernie come November.


I just finished watching what felt like 16 hours of verbal rolfing by a group of right-wing, psychoceramically challenged men (Carly seems to have fallen off the end of the pier of the polls) who aspire to the presidency. A thought came through. What happened to Saint Ronnie? Where was the beatified Reagan? Where did the “shining city on a hill” go? What happened to his sunny (if slightly addlepated) optimism?

I felt crushed by endless pessimism, unending despair. The country is on the road to ruin. The economy is in a free fall. No one can find a job. ISIS is coming to get us. Terrorists are everywhere. We need more guns. Everyone has to be armed against them. America has lost all respect. Our military is weak and getting weaker. Obviously 58% of our national budget isn’t enough. We need to spend more! Evil terrorists are sneaking in as immigrants disguised as doctors and teachers.

Fear, suspicion, distrust, anger were the only emotions on display. Can we please have back our upbeat Republicans. This crew is just a seriously depressing bunch of downers — not to mention that none of them has a fucking clue what they’re talking about.

I’m going to try to be upbeat about this. I refuse to believe that the average voter is stupid enough to buy the line of bullshit that these clowns are peddling. It’s hard to imagine either Hillary or Bernie losing to one of these vortexes of pessimism.



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