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Ding, Ding, Ding: We Have a Winner!

Fans of the fantastic, we have a winner in this week’s Absurdity Sweepstakes. Well, we have today’s offering. It does “Trump” the one from last week which arrived the other day courtesy of Ben Carson. But hell, it’s only Monday.

The winner is Marco Rubio, the junior Senator from Florida who may (or not) be an “anchor baby.” He seems to have finally realized that the long-standing argument that Planned Parenthood runs abortion mills using “your tax dollars” wasn’t going anywhere. For one, someone must have whispered to him that abortions make up just the tiniest sliver of their services (around 2%) and, for another, no Federal monies can be used for abortions. So he went back to those tapes that purportedly show Planned Parenthood personnel talking about harvesting baby parts and fetal issues and selling them for a profit.

Rubio seems to have grasped that the tapes were doctored. There were no fully formed fetuses with beating hearts waiting to be cut up for their brains and, presumably, other parts because you can’t use someone else’s brain for anything (Carly, are you listening?).

But, alas, he bought the lie that a profit was being made from the sale of fetal tissue and that this financial gain would somehow encourage women to have abortions.

In an interview with KCCI, a Des Moines, Iowa CBS affiliate, he said that Planned Parenthood has created “an incentive for people to be pushed into abortions so that those tissues can be harvested and sold for a profit.” The video can be see here.

It’s gonna be hard to top this — certainly no woman will since only a man could say something so stupid, heartless and brutal.

No woman undergoing an abortion is happy about it. It is a trying, difficult and stressful situation.

Every woman using Planned Parenthood abortion services provides informed consent for the use of fetal issues from the procedure. No consent and the tissues are not used. Most give consent often stating that it helps balance to struggle. It’s like organ donor cards that many of us sign hoping that our body parts will extend someone’s life or return their eyesight.

No profit is made by anyone. The fees are paid by the laboratory or research unit receiving the tissue to cover expenses and transportation.

The very idea that women might intentionally become pregnant specifically so that they can have an abortion and make monetary gain from it is today’s winner.

Mr. Rubio, who’s been walking a tight line lately with idiotic nonsense denying climate change, dodging evolution and shifting from his once-reasonable stance on immigration to the GOP’s standard xenophobia, has now disqualified himself from the presidency, just as Ben Carson did the other day and Donald Trump on so many occasions….

Eventually the only one left will be Jeb! and we’ll all end up where we knew we would: Bush v. Clinton redux.

So sad.

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