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Local politics -- Whatcom County, WA

Here in Whatcom County (far northwest Washington State) we have our version of odd-ball politics. This past week they got really odd-bally. There are eight people running for four seats on County Council. Four line up on the moderate to liberal side of the ledger and four on the standard conservative to Teabagger side — and, yes, they are pitted against each other. Since the Council has only seven seats, how the election breaks will determine the make-up of our primary governing body. You might think this is just a silly little issue in a remote, mostly rural county. You’d be wrong. This body, the Whatcom County Council, will, in the near future, make a decision that will impact the rest of the country, whether or not to approve the construction of what would become the largest coal exporting port in the world. Go here for the full story.

With issues like this on the line, we get to see the real differences between liberals and conservatives. Earlier this month the local Tea Party invited all to attend an open session where questions could come from all quarters. The liberals showed up as, of course, did the conservatives. Predictably, the liberals got the most heat and, predictably, handled it well.

Then a liberal political organization invited all eight to attend their open session. All four liberal candidates accepted. The other four either declined outright or conveniently found somewhere else they “had to be.” The most astonishing excuse was from one conservative who said that he “didn’t want to disclose his political agenda” …. because, “it will be used against him.” The forum was cancelled. What’s the point of having a political debate when there’s no one there to debate with…


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