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More Trumpian Thoughts

Trump’s been pushing the bonkers-ville envelope with some seriously crazy shit.

1. He insinuated that Obama is a secret Muslim and that he was complicit in the hate-crime massacre in Orlando.

2. He reiterated his call for closing the borders to all Muslims and added that Muslim communities should be under close surveillance and that Mosques should be monitored.

3. He barred reporters from the Washington Post from his meetings and press conferences.

4. He attacked a Federal judge for the crime of being born of Mexican heritage.

And then for something different:

5. He hinted that the minimum wage might be raised.

6. He slammed NAFTA, saying he’d tear up the deal and announced his opposition to the TPP.

7. He supported Medicare and Social Security and promised not to scale them back.

The first positions are certain to turn off any moderate who might consider voting for him. The second make it unlikely that traditional Republicans can support him.

Is it possible that he is slowly coming to grasp how far over his head he is, how unprepared he is for the job, how unfit he is to be commander-in-chief? Even the most ego-encrusted narcissist can have moments of self-revelatory doubt.

Is it possible that, at some level, he is trying to push his GOP colleagues to find some way to deny him the nomination? Is it possible that, if this die be cast, that he is ensuring that he loses the general election?

Just asking…

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