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Exploding Brains

My brain did, indeed, finally explode — well, metaphorically speaking. As reported today, the Republicans in the House filed a formal suit against President Obama for abuse of executive power.

Now, given the dust-up over immigration or the nonsense over the XL pipeline you might think this is where the GOP’s annoyance would be focused.

Nope, it was at the ACA or “Obamacare.”

Now, given the fact that no Republican in the House voted for the ACA and that they have introduced bills to repeal it over fifty times and that they have, using various surrogates, initiated dozens of law suits in Federal courts to have it overturned that this suit would be in the same vein.

But you’d be wrong.

It was filed because, they have argued, President Obama used executive orders in a manner that exceeded his constitutional authority to:

(a) extend the time period that companies had to come into compliance with the act and,

(b) set aside funds to subsidize insurance companies which are caught in a bind during the run-up period to full implementation of the ACA.

In short, they are suing the president for not implementing  rapidly enough the very act they’ve spent the last five years railing against and trying to undo!


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