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Update on CMU's Poker Bot

A quick update on the poker battle going on in Pittsburgh where a very sophisticated computer ‘bot is playing heads-up no-limit poker against four of the better online professionals. It’s been dubbed “brains against the AI.” I’d have called it “brains against the bot” but it is what it is.

Anyway, as reported last week, the humans were ahead some $166k. But that was after only a few days. At the end of today’s play the brains had increased their lead substantially and are now ahead over $700,000. They’re playing with blinds of $25 and $50 which is a pretty high level.

Earlier only one of the two human teams was ahead. Now both are and the one player who seemed to be having a tough time with Claudico (the AI’s name) is almost even.

They’ve played 67,000 hands with 80,000 planned so they should finish in two days. I’ll get you the final results or you can check them here.

I’ll also have a posting on the final analyses and various post mortems that are sure to follow.

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