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Football Thoughts

Some thoughts on the NFL playoff games this past weekend. First, a memo to Mr. P. Manning: Retire. Retire classy like Bradshaw, Marino, Montana. Don’t go the Favre route. The no-longer best QB in recent memory (pace Brady) missed four downfield targets that the once best QB would have hit at least two or maybe three times. It is time to take a seat at an ESPN desk or a role as a VP for player development…. time to enjoy your life.

Andrew Luck is the real deal. It will be fun watching him against the Pats. The gurus in LV have Brady et al. at -7. If I were a bettin’ man I’d be tempted to shove some loose change on the Colts….

The Seahawks are very very good. Wilson did nothing that anyone would stop and take notice of. Yet, when the dust settled he racked up a QB rating of 149 (a drop over 156 is considered a “perfect” performance). He was 8 for 8 on 3rd downs, two of them for touchdowns. The defense got all the press. They deserve it. Just wanted to toss a food pellet Mr. Wilson’s way.

Next weekend gonna be fun.

On a side note: I hope everyone noticed that in the last two weekends of play there were virtually no helmet to helmet shots? No cheap hits? No chippy crack-back blocks? These guys are the top of the league and they do not do this kind of shit. It’s the bozos at the bottom ….

And, speaking of bozos, what was that audible that Rogers used? Manning yells out “Omaha” all the time. Rogers changed a play by screaming “New York Bozos, New York Bozos.” I have no idea what it meant but I loved it!

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