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One-year Follow-up on Deities and Diets

Last year, embedded in a rumination about religion and weight loss, I noted that my gentle approach to dieting had gotten me down from 213 to 183 over a period of eight months. It’s a year later and this morning my scale flashed back me 185. So, I’m satisfied. I seem to have stabilized and not put those 30 unwanted pounds back on.

Statistically speaking this is quite unusual. The vast majority of dieters put the weight back and, almost always they end up heavier than before the diet. The reason for my success, I think, is that I never went on a diet — not in the usual sense. Instead, I made life-style changes and stuck with them.  I’ve kept up the exercise routine, have continued taking (slightly) smaller portions and only have a small snack at night. I think the 185 me is the real me now.

I’ll get back in a year…. 

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