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The GOP and the SCOTUS

Obama nominates Merrick Garland, a respected, moderate, little-bit-to-the-left judge for the open SCOTUS seat. The Turtle and crew, of course, repeat their line that they won’t even give him a hearing. They worry that the negative blow-back will hurt them in the election but are balancing that against the howls from their base which could hurt even more if they knuckled under.

Then he looks at last night’s results and a flash goes off in his tiny reptilian brain. With Trump as their nominee (or, worse, storming off to run as a third party candidate out of spite if denied) Hillary will win in a walk and the Dems will probably take back the Senate.

“Oops,” it dawns on him (finally). “she’ll nominate a serious liberal, likely a woman.” So, the back alley deal-making begins.

“Well,” the Turtle was heard to whisper this morning, “if she wins in November, we’ll confirm your guy during the lame duck session.”

You do have to give the guy some credit. He’s a nasty piece o’ work but he’s a shrewd politician. His entire career has been focused on one thing (no, it’s not governing, that never crosses his mind), winning. Everything he does is focused, laser-like on one goal: winning the next election.

I keep asking myself why he does this. Why would any decent person want to win every election when they have no plans for governing or actually doing anything of value when they get there.

It’s like my cat chasing a toy mouse. The goal is to catch it. After that, well, for both my cat and the turtle, there is no “after that.”

What a sad bunch.

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