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Just a quick note: Poker, Life and Other Confusing Things, a collection of essays on, what else, poker, life and all manner of other confusing things is now available in hard copy as well as an e-book. It can be ordered here in either format.

The book consists of forty essays grouped into four categories:

I. Poker & Psychology

II. Psychology & Poker

III. Mathematics, Psychology & Poker

IV.  People & Poker

Some prominent poker authorities have had some pleasingly positive things to say about it.

Ed Gallo (Editor, publisher Fun ‘N’ Games Magazine): “Reber is the author of two major books on gambling, final-tabled major tournaments and is winning cash game player. He is also a distinguished scientist who held an endowed chair in the City University of New York, been elected Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Fulbright Foundation. These parallel lives give him a special perspective. In this book he takes what is known about human psychology and uses it to gain insight into poker and, with a gentle twist, takes what we know about poker and uses that to provide further understanding of the human condition.”

Alan Schoonmaker, Ph.D. (author of several important books on poker): “Whenever I have a question about psychology, Arthur Reber is my ‘go-to-guy.’ He almost always has the right answer. You’ll love his novel way of looking at poker, life, and other confusing things.”

Lou Krieger[1] (leading authority on Hold ‘em and Omaha): “… this book will raise your game by providing the connecting tissue between a disparate variety of ideas, concepts, and philosophies that you might have thought about, but never managed to quite connect the dots to see how so much of life, psychology, statistics, and poker—their overarching metaphor—are connected. It’s a wonderfully written, easily read, compelling view of the worlds all of us inhabit. I highly recommend it.”

Tommy Angelo (respected poker coach and author): “Arthur Reber displays all the qualities I look for in an essayist. He has things to say, and he says them well. Very well. … he is of the greatest explainers I have ever known. It doesn’t matter what he is explaining. When he gets going, I pull up a chair. It so happens that what he explains is us. We the people. His understanding is deep and his perspectives are wide. And he writes with flair. My kind of guy. My kind of book.”

My novel, Xero to Sixty will be ready for print in a month or so. I’ll post details when I have them. The protagonist Xerxes (Xero) Konstantakis is, of course, a poker player with a penchant for digging into psychological issues, his own and those around him.

[1] Disclosure. Lou (who died recently) was a co-author on Gambling for Dummies.


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